One New Man in Abba Father

~ 1Twogether Conference ~
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KPRZ GM Brodsky "Come Together San Diego"

​Caz’s guests include Rabbi Bob Wolff, Judeo Christian author Judge Earl Clampett,
and well-known prayer leader to pastors and high school historian, John Neill.
This show explores how Jesus and Holy Spirit unify all true God-lovers
by returning us to the best father figure ever, Father God.

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Your registration grants you access to a one-of-a-kind happening reflecting Father God's Heart to bring all His scattered children back to Him in a Holy Unified Movement. This initial "1Twogether" Gathering features speakers, musicians and worshipers of diverse backgrounds focusing on our desperate need to unify the Body of Christ, as siblings and children of our mutual Divine Father. (John 14:6)


"One New Man in Abba Father" makes us "1Twogether" based on Apostle Paul's explanation in Ephesians 2:18-22.


Pertinent presentations by Pastors Jim and Rosemary Garlow, Co-Founders Well Versed Ministries; Dr. Raleigh Washington, former President Promise Keepers; Rabbi Dr. Joel Liberman, President Messianic Jewish Alliance of America; and Rabbi Mark Biltz, El Shaddai Ministries.


Join local pastors, authors and worship teams as "1Twogether" to impart the vision of "One New Man in Abba Father."

This will be a gathering of the nations to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Author of the New Covenant, the Sender of Messiah Jesus, to a lost and dying world.


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Myron Lizer

 Vice President Navajo Nation

Evangelist George Elias

Powerful Witness Ministries & Let None Be Lost

Kevin McGary

Every Black Life Matters 


Pastor "Papa" George Runyan

San Diego City Church Ministries


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Untitled 3_.jpg

Pastor Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell Ministries


John Neill

Prayer Shield Ministries


Pastor Dennis Hodges

Church of Yeshua Ha Mashiach


Judge Earl Clampett (Ret.)

Simple Truth Ministries


Don Enevoldsen photo copy.jpg
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Alane Haynes

Eternal Truth Now Ministry


Rabbi Marty Reitzin

Vineyard Santa Barbara/Goleta

Don Enevoldsen

Counter Thought Ministries


Mark Huey

Outreach Israel Ministries


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Rabbi Robert Wolff 

Majestic Glory Ministeries


Pastor Gabriel Beas

 Lugar de Encuentro

Pastor Al Valdez

Victory Outreach National City


Co-Pastor Sarah Miller

Word of Life Worship Center


Caz Taylor

Radio Host - KPRZ San Diego


Pastor Shine Kim

Grace Ministries International


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Registration Required


  • Pastor Jim & Rosemary Schindler Garlow: Co-Founders Well Versed Ministries [www.wellversedworld.org]

  • Dr. Raleigh Washington: Former President Promise Keepers, Founder Awakening the Voice of Truth [theroadtojerusalem.org]

  • Rabbi Dr. Joel Liberman: President Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Rabbi Tree of Life Congregation [www.mjaa.org]

  • Rabbi Mark Biltz: El Shaddai Ministries, Tacoma, WA [www.esm.us]

  • Pastor Dennis Hodges: Church of Yeshua Ha Mashiach

  • John Neill: Founder Prayer Shield Ministries

  • Judge Earl Clampett (Ret.): Founder Simple Truth Ministries

  • Rabbi Robert Wolff: Founder & President Majestic Glory Ministries

  • Honorable Myron Lizer: Vice President Navajo Nation

  • Pastor Al Valdez: Victory Outreach Church

  • Pastor George Runyan: San Diego City Church Ministries

  • Evangelist George Elias: Founder Powerful Witness Ministries & Let None Be Lost

  • Pastor Shine Kim: Grace Ministries International

  • Alane Haynes: Founder Eternal Truth Now Ministry

  • Don Enevoldsen: Founder & President Counter Thought Ministries

  • Mark Huey: Founder & Director Outreach Israel Ministries

  • Rabbi Marty Reitzin: Pastor Vineyard Santa Barbara/Goleta

  • Shawn Mitchell: Pastor & Former SD Chargers Chaplain 

  • Kevin McGary: Founder Every Black Life Matters 

  • Co-Pastor Sarah Miller: Word of Life Worship Center

  • Pastor Gabriel Beas: Lugar de Encuentro

  • Caz Taylor: Radio Host - KPRZ San Diego 



8:00a ||  Registration 

8:20a ||  Worship: Faith Chapel Worship Team 

8:30a II  Reitzin: Opening Prayer followed by Worship - 1st Decree

8:45a II  John Neill: Welcome & Announcements 

8:50a II  Earl Clampett: “The Blueprint is a Circle” - 2nd Decree

9:00a II  Jim Garlow: “A Father's Love” - 3rd Decree

9:30a II Raleigh Washington: “Abba Heals the Toxic Divide” - 4th Decree 

10:00a II Rosemary Schindler Garlow: “Why We Need Israel” - 5th Decree

10:30a II Break: Faith Chapel Worship Team 

11:00a  II Kingdom Calling: John Neill Moderator 

                 Reitzin, Enevoldsen, Clampett, Huey, Wolff - 6th Decree

11:45a II  Breakout & Ministry Instructions: Lunch, Classrooms, Ministry Tents

12:00p II  Breakout Sessions Begin 

  • Pastor "Papa" George Runyan: "Only a Nation Can Disciple The Nations " (Eph. chapters 2 & 3) C-213,215 (50)

  • Evangelist George Elias: "Kingdom Evangelism - How to Win and Keep" C-212 (50)

  • Pastor Dennis Hodges: "The Father of Us All: Av Lakol" (Eph.4:4-6) C-211 (40)

  • Author Alane Haynes: "Fitly Framed Together: There is Treasure in The Measure" (Eph.2:19-22) C-214 (40)

  • Pastor & Former S.D. Charger Chaplain Shawn Mitchell: "God as ABBA Changes Everything" Activity Center (75)

  • Caz Taylor: “Our Father Seeks True Worshipers” - John 4:23  Workshop C-209 (50)

  • Pastor Kevin McGary: "Fatherlessness" C-210 (40)

12:45p II Return to Main Sanctuary: First Nations Drums & Worship 

1:00p II  Mark Biltz: “What Time Is It San Diego?”

1:30p II Worship: First Nations Drums, Messianic Dance, Shofars 

2:00p II Silence Followed by Shofars - 7th  Decree

2:15p II John Neill Q & A: One New Man in All Nations, Tribes & Tongues

  • Sarah Miller:        One New Man in Diversity

  • Gabriel Beas, Jr:  One New Man in Connecting Nations

  • Dennis Hodges:   One New Man in Culture

  • Al Valdez:             One New Man in the Next Generation

  • Myron Lizer:         One New Man in First Nations

  • Art Hodges:          One New Man in Biblical Values - 8th Decree

3:15p II Break 

3:30p. II Joel Liberman: “One New Man in Abba Father” - 9th  Decree

4:00p II John Neill, Earl Clampett, Dennis Hodges: Corporate Father’s Blessing

4:20p II Robert Wolff: Elders Forward, Aaronic Blessing & Shofar

4:30p II Release & Individual Father's Prayer

4:45p II Wolfgang Kovacek: Prophetic Call Fulfillment in Room - C-215


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